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Theeb Facebook

Advantageous: The Feature

Shoot the Saxophone Player Facebook

Munchausen [short] Facebook

Valiant [short] Facebook Twitter

Cicada Princess [short] Facebook Twitter

Fruitvale Station Facebook Twitter

Bluebird Facebook

Advantageous [short] Facebook

Beasts of the Southern Wild Facebook Twitter, also Welcome to the Bathtub

Saving Lincoln Facebook Twitter

CXL Facebook

Crazy Beats Strong Every Time [short] Facebook

Exposure [short] Facebook


Circumstance Facebook

The Photon Effect Facebook

Midnight Son Facebook Twitter

Opal Facebook

Dear Lemon Lima Facebook Twitter

Bohemibot [short]

Synecdoche, New York Facebook

Half-Life Facebook


Artificial Intelligence: AI

Wild Wild West

Software + Support:

Adobe - Design Center Facebook Twitter

Adobe - Forums

The Foundry - Nuke + Nukex Facebook Twitter RSS

The Foundry - Forums

YouTube - The Foundry Channel

LinkedIn - Nuke Network

LinkedIn - Nuke Freelancers Group

LinkedIn - The Foundry

Nukepedia Facebook Twitter RSS

CGTalk - Nuke Forum

Creative Crash - Nuke Forum RSS

fxguide - Nuke Forum RSS


Vimeo - Nuke group


The Internet Movie Database (IMDb) - Catherine Tate

Vimeo - Catherine Tate

Vimeo - Catherine Tate's videos RSS

Vimeo - Catherine Tate's likes RSS

LinkedIn - Catherine Tate

Academy of Art University Facebook Twitter RSS

Academy of Art University - School of Animation + Visual Effects

Visual Effects Society Facebook Twitter

Sundance Institute | Festival Facebook Twitter RSS

ACM SIGGRAPH Facebook Twitter RSS

San Francisco Film Society Facebook Twitter

Cinereach Facebook Twitter

Animation Magazine Facebook Twitter RSS

Cinefex Facebook Twitter

The Computer Graphics Society Facebook Twitter

Computer Graphics World Facebook Twitter

Peachpit Press Facebook Twitter RSS

Post Magazine Facebook Twitter

StudentFilmmakers Facebook Twitter

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